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What Spaces Are Mini Splits Most Suitable For?

What is most considered when exploring cooling options for your home is the efficiency of the air conditioner that you will be investing in. One of the best and most effective options would be the ductless heating systems that are most commonly known as mini splits.

A minimal amount of heat is lost when duct work is involved. This is due to conduction, convection and radiation, the means by which heat is transferred to the surroundings. Mini splits do not have any duct work involved and thus, is more efficient than the traditional home air conditioners.

If you are looking to keep specific parts of your home cool, the mini split would be the best option. It works with high efficiency in a relatively small area of the house – bed room, drawing room, living room, etc. is to be kept at a cooler or warmer temperature.

It is also preferred in cases where you already have a ducted air conditioning system, but have made renovations to a part or parts of your home. When you have extended an area of your home with duct air conditioning, it would seem problematic to get the duct work re done or extended. In such common scenarios, your best option would be the mini split in such parts of the house.

You may be running a small business in your house and have kept aside a room as the office. You could then use a mini split for cooling options while you prefer to use the traditional cooling systems or fans in other parts of your home.

Another added advantage is that, it can be re installed in any part of the house since it does not involve elaborate duct work. It is as easy as fixing a bulb in another part of your home. It is noninvasive and the job is done with a single small hole in the wall, unlike duct work which could weaken the strength of the wall over time.

Mini splits come increased energy efficiency. It means, you can save in the long run. According to studies, 30 % of the heat generated by an air conditioner is dissipated while moving through ducts. In the case of mini splits, it does not involve any ducts. So at the least, it is 30 % more efficient that the traditional home air conditioner.

Mini splits have the added advantage of customization, with the use of built in sleep functions and timers, which prevent unnecessary functioning and charges of energy and money. You can control when and how much you can heat or cool your home.

Considering the various deciding factors of your home, it is best if you take time to educate yourself about the pros and cons of your choice before going with any decision. A right decision can help you not only with efficiency, but also the long haul as well.