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Microbial Monday!


Micrococcus luteus

This fella was isolated by Alexander Fleming in 1922 by swabbing the nose of a patient that was sick with a cold. This isolation occurred years before Mr. Fleming’s famous discovery of penicillin. M. luteus is saprophytic in nature, meaning it feeds on decaying organic matter, which is characteristic of most soil-dwelling microbes and fungi. It has one of the smallest genomes of all bacteria, making it great for genetic studies. Being that it’s a Gram-Positive saprotroph, it grows well without moisture in areas where decaying organic matter can build up, and that’s exactly why this sucker is being brought into the spotlight for this week’s Microb...

Establishing Traditions - Microbial Mondays!


Microbes Need Homes Too

While you commonly think of your household as your own, it may freak you out that in actuality there are trillions and trillions of microbes sharing that space with you. But don’t panic! Most of these microbes are harmless and function for the greater good of the environment. Take for instance the human gut biome, which contains 38 Trillion (3.8 x 1013) cells! (Sender, 2016) The presence of these microbes in our gut allows us to fully breakdown and absorb the nutrients from the food we consume. The gut isn’t the only place where these critters are found – They’re literally everywhere!

Location, Location, Location

While the physics of their surv...

Why You Should Have Your HVAC System Serviced Annually?

It is rightly said “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, whether it is your home or your neighborhood, a healthy environment is created out of proper maintenance. Right from your television sets to your microwave, every electronic and non-electronic goods of the home require due care. Then how can you ignore your HVAC system, which keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter? The internal environmental stabilizer iscomplicatedequipment, which is installed in your apartment and like all large equipment, it also requires service.

The preventative maintenance of the system is what keeps it healthy and active through all four season without any operational inefficiency. No matte...

Air Duct Cleaning

Ductwork Cleaning is the easiest solution for you and your family to stay healthy. We recommend you get this done once every 3 years, as up to 44 lbs of dust can accumulate per year within your household. Thats a lot of dust buildup. Whatever sticks inside your ductwork can get sticky and gross. That why we provide it all, from the brush to the disinfectant. Than we will have you well on your way to a healthy and happier home. Call us TODAY, and get started on your road to cleaner air! 

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Plumbing Installations  
No project to big, or to small, from complete remodels and new construction, to singular fixture installations:

-Bathroom Remodels
-Sink Installations
-Shower/Bath Installations
-Toilet Set
-Tankless Hot Water Heater/Water Heater
-Radiant Floor Heating
-Drain Lines
-Water Filtration Systems
-So Very Much more...

Plumbing Service 

To include, but not limited to:

Sewer and Drain Clean-Outs

Pipe Repair

Boiler Maintenance & Inspection

Gas and Refrigeration Leak Detection