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What Spaces Are Mini Splits Most Suitable For?

What is most considered when exploring cooling options for your home is the efficiency of the air conditioner that you will be investing in. One of the best and most effective options would be the ductless heating systems that are most commonly known as mini splits.

A minimal amount of heat is lost when duct work is involved. This is due to conduction, convection and radiation, the means by which heat is transferred to the surroundings. Mini splits do not have any duct work involved and thus, is more efficient than the traditional home air conditioners.

If you are looking to keep specific parts of your home cool, the mini split would be the best option. It works with high efficiency in a relatively small area of the house – bed ro...

Mini Split Air Conditioning

For many years the 2 main types of home air conditioning have been central air conditioning and through the wall or window-mounted air conditioning. There is a new type of home air conditioning now called ductless mini-split air conditioning. In many ways, it is a hybrid type that attempts to combine the best of central and through the wall air conditioning.

Central air conditioners have ducts just about everywhere in a house to move the air to all the rooms. The ducts are both space and energy inefficient and can generate as much as a 30 percent loss of energy especially if the duct runs are long or go through an attic or basement that is not air-conditioned.

Mini-split systems eliminate air ducts entirely

Through the wa...

Air Duct Cleaning

Ductwork Cleaning is the easiest solution for you and your family to stay healthy. We recommend you get this done once every 3 years, as up to 44 lbs of dust can accumulate per year within your household. Thats a lot of dust buildup. Whatever sticks inside your ductwork can get sticky and gross. That why we provide it all, from the brush to the disinfectant. Than we will have you well on your way to a healthy and happier home. Call us TODAY, and get started on your road to cleaner air! 

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