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The Three Important Types of Attic Insulation

Most of the homes have attics or lofts. These areas are the least used in most of the homes but are vital to every home too. Since this area is not used much it may not get the attention that it needs especially for insulation.

Just like you would insulate your floor, walls and ceiling in your home so also you should insulate your attic. There are many benefits of insulating every nook and cranny of your home whether it is in the main area of your home or in the attic.

What are the different ways of insulating the attic then?

Usually any one of the three types of insulation methods are used to insulate the attic in any house

These include

  • Roll on insulation
  • Blown in insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  1. Roll on insulation

It is one of the least expensive kinds of insulation that can be used for the attic....

Air Duct Cleaning

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