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About Us

BCIT Mechanical was founded Jan. 8 2013, and since then has done incredible work in HVAC Installations, Insulation, and Refrigeration Services. Rooted in humble beginnings, BCIT Mechanical has always had serious aspirations to become synonymous with excellent, reliable service at an affordable price. 

BCIT Mechanical have been working hard for the last four years, building some incredible customer relationships and providing fantastic service to customers. Our staff are highly trained, very professional, and work efficiently to ensure minimum disruption and cost to you. Whether you're installing equipment in offices or your home, you'll find them friendly, approachable, and very helpful in every way. 

There are a number of reasons why we consider heating, ventilation, and air conditioning so very important to any householder. Air temperature and quality can have an enormous impact on you and your family, so we want to provide you with the tools to keep your house comfortable and clean all your round, no matter what the weather outside is doing. 

The first on the list is heating. Obviously, you want your family to be warm and cozy on long winter nights, you want to make sure your taps don't freeze and you can walk downstairs without seeing your breath. However, heating is also important in keeping your building dry and free from being too damp, which could cause mold and other unpleasantness. Mold spores can be enormously detrimental to your health.

Ventilation in your home is extremely important for the same reasons; you need fresh air to be circulating from outside to ensure that your home stays damp-free, and to prevent the build-up of condensation, smoke, odors, and airborne bacteria. If you think how unpleasant a sealed box can smell after a few weeks, conducer what your home would be like if you never had fresh air circulating into it. We believe that every house should be fresh and open, and we believe we can provide this with great ventilation systems. 

Of course, air conditioning is essential for those hot summer when you feel lethargic and drained by the sun. Anything becomes an unpleasant chore without an escape from the heat, whether it's cooking, looking after children, filing paperwork, or cleaning the house. Being able to effectively cool your interior will let you work more effectively and allow you to keep going throughout the day, as well as giving you better sleep at night - you won't be flinging off the covers and turning the pillow every five minutes if your house is cool and pleasant. 

At BCIT Mechanical, we appreciate and understand how important it is to make your home the most comfortable space it can be, especially if you're raising a family there. Our expert staff can help install the necessary equipment to deal with temperature changes and to keep your home fresh and free from airborne bacteria, reducing the chances of any mold build-up by making sure all the spaces are well ventilated. Whatever you need, our dedicated team are here to help, so give us a call today!